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Top Ghost Websites

A list of the top ten paranormal websites from around the world, the best resources for ghost hunters, paranormal investigators or for those who just love ghost stories.

Haunted Places

Haunted Places is a searchable database of haunted location around the world, all of the spooky places are plotted on an interactive map and include geographic information such as nearest town and a map. The site also has a nice little feature called “near me” which allows you to easily find haunted locations where you […]

 Your Ghost Stories

A huge paranormal website where you can publish your paranormal experience, so far over 17,000 user submitted ghost stories have been published. The site also has an archive of famous hauntings, spooky pictures and videos, and directories of investigators and haunted locations.

Live Sci-Fi TV

Live Sci-Fi TV is a website dedicated to live streaming paranormal ghost hunts, as well as on demand video from the world of the paranormal including paranormal investigations, paranormal videos, horror movie reviews, and talk shows on the topic of horror, paranormal, ghost sightings, paranormal experiences, exorcisms, demons and ghosts.

 The Occult Museum

The Occult Museum is a collection of news articles and a mixture of articles, including unsolved mysteries, weird world happenings, the macabre and the supernatural. The site is fairly new, they launched in 2015 but already has a large, growing database of reader submitted ghost stories, paranormal photographs and media from around the world.

Ghost Village

Ghost Village features paranormal research, ghost stories, and evidence of hauntings. It also lists haunted locations, people, and places. It claims to be the most popular paranormal destination and largest supernatural resource.

 Paranormal Database

The Paranormal Database lists over 10,000 sightings of ghosts and haunted locations, an ongoing project to quantitatively document as many paranormal sites of interest as possible. The locations are listed by region across England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the Channel Islands.

Mostly focussed on the UK, the site lists ghost legends with historical information of haunted buildings, castles, churches, and pubs. Their reports on hauntings are very detailed and well written. The site also includes a “top tens” section which is packed full of interesting lists where you can find out things like the ‘top 10 […]

Anybody There

Anybody There covers not just ghosts but all aspects of the paranormal and psychics, offering help and advice, as well as access to forums and chat rooms where you can connect with likeminded people.

Ghostly Activities

Ghost Activities is a modern and attractive website that’s easy to navigate and has been publishing reports of investigations, as well as news, pictures and ghost stories since 2009.