Ghost Stories

Essential Pieces of Ghost-Hunting Gear

Before I started writing for B&H, I wrote and produced promos, trailers, and launch campaigns for a variety of paranormal investigative TV shows for a network that primarily airs Sci-Fi programming. In that role, I’ve spent literally weeks of my life watching those shows and, as a consequence, became fairly familiar with the gear that they all seemed to use—and it turns out that their kits were all surprisingly similar. So as we move into the Halloween season and ghosts and ghouls are on people’s minds, I’m here to share some of the essential gear that you’ll need if you decide to go out and hunt some ghosts.

It’s commonly accepted that ghosts tend to manifest themselves at night. There’s a great deal of speculation as to why this is, but a popular theory is that ghosts and other paranormal entities “feed” off of our psychic energy. The theory further posits that when we’re awake, our minds are occupied with life and all that goes into it, but at night when we’re asleep, our minds are less distracted and our defenses are down, so they have access to our mental energy. This is why most investigators work at night.

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